KL: Herndon, VA

  • Expert Level Financial Management Analyst

    Security Clearance
    Regular Full-Time
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    A Day in the Life

    Provide support to CIO-T/TCFP IT Portfolio Management and Open IT Portfolio Management strategic planning activities. Support CIO-T/TCFP and Open IT Portfolio Management capacity planning activities to forecast costs, develop performance measures, and identify opportunities to improve Portfolio operations and drive down costs. Support and develop processes for data analytics, cost benefit, cost estimating models, risk and sensitivity analysis to deliver data-driven IT investment recommendations for CIO-T and Open IT po11folio. Support the development and implementation of CIO-T and Open IT Portfolio strategies .

    Time Well Spent

    • Conduct cost benefit analysis of agency-wide and IC-wide IT investments and make recommendations to help the Deputy Director, CIO, Deputy CIO, Chief Financial Executive, and IT Portfolio Lead maximize NGA's benefits while minimizing cost. 
    • Identify and introduce CIO-T and Open IT leadership to alternate and innovative ideas, approaches, and methods to issues and challenges through corporate reach-back. 
    • Review, analyze and provide TCFP and Open IT Portfolio with recommendations on IT Portfolio Management Instructions, Manuals, and other Policy documentation. 
    • Conduct program scenario analysis using Cost Forecasting Model to influence investment/divestment decisions for the Open IT Program Build. 
    • Serve as a strategic advisor to government leads, manage project staff deliverables, conduct financial & data analytics, and participate in senior leadership presentations in support of investment/divestment, as well as unfunded request, decisions. 
    • Research and work with TCFP leadership, Program Managers, Capability Program Managers, Portfolio Leads, and FM resources to identify and coordinate solutions to funding gaps in CIO-T IT investments during Program Build efforts. 
    • Conduct analysis of and develop briefings for the CIO assessing NGA's IT budget against cost modeled scenarios. 
    • Support Open IT Portfolio strategic initiative management activities in order to turn strategy into actionable transformational activities. 
    • Support ad-hoc tasking by the Portfolio Integration Board Working Group (PIBWG) chair, including spend plan analysis, invest/divest analysis, and recommendations to increase PIBWG efficiency and effectiveness. 
    • Analyze Potifolio Programming Guidance tasks and coordinate actions across CIO-T to nderstand and track closure of each task
    • Analyze prior Program Build efforts, identify lessons learned, and craft recommendations to improve future activities.
    • Assist in the development of senior management level briefings and present briefings when necessary.
    • Work with TCFP leadership and across CIO-T to develop NGA responses to external reporting requests.
    • Coordinate and collaborate across CIO-T, FM, Portfolios, and KCs to obtain data and inputs required for external reporting and internal analysis in a manner that builds positive rapport and impressions ofTCFP.
    • Demonstrate problem solving skills that demonstrate a broad understanding of NGA portfolio management, planning, programming, execution, cost analysis, acquisition, and Program/project cost estimating principles.
    • Support and enable the establishment of working groups and/or Tiger Teams, the conduct of their work, and the development and delivery of their deliverable(s).
    • Lead and distribute work across a team ofTCFP contractors to make effective use of skills and availability while also being an individual contributor.
    • Work as a part of an integrated IT Portfolio Management team to include direct interfacing with program offices.
    • Make effective use of cost forecasting models, tools, and data to support Open IT Portfolio capacity planning.
    • Document business processes, a11d identify and collect requisite data to support the Open IT Portfolio capacity planning.
    • Proficiency with Microsoft Office tools, especially demonstrated expertise in the functions and application of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

    Qualified Candidate

    • Demonstrated recent (within 3 years) experience to conduct analysis from complex and diverse sources and explain or identify issue impacts and alternatives
    • Apply analytical techniques including cost-benefit analysis, problem identification and recommended resolution, business case evaluation, analyze large acquisition programs, and the DoD life-cycle management processes.

    Exceptional Candidate

    • Demonstrated understanding of NGA IT Policy, Enterprise Architecture, Acquisition, IT Portfolio Management, IT Governance, PPBE processes, and NGA Strategy.
    • Familiarity with NGA's 40+ IT Programs and fundamentals of A WS offerings.
    • Understanding of the NGA mission and organization structure, and broad knowledge of the National System for Geospatial Intelligence (NSG), NSG partners, Department of Defense and Intelligence Community (IC) intelligence oversight organizations, missions, and organizational priorities.
    • Understanding of the NGA Vision, architecture, and strategy.
    • Training on cost forecasting scenario analysis.
    • Training on cost forecasting tool(s) or equivalent experience with CIO-T cost forecasting tools.
    • Experience building IT portfolio management analysis tools.
    • Hands-on IT program analysis and collation of mission areas hierarchy and prioritization of strategic objectives as they are arranged to achieve mission capabilities.


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